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3002 Industrial Ave, Fairbanks, AK, 99701 

(corner of 30th and Industrial)



Membership Commitments


new prices 1 JUL 22

12 months  Wrestling (monthly payments) $95 

6 Months  Wrestling (monthly Payments) $115

No Contract / cancel when you want (monthly payments) $150


Military Discount: will be for any member not already grandfathered in at 10%

Family Discount: 20% when you have 3 or more kids signed up.

See Coach Bockert for Multi Family members discount 

 Homeschool program

What does all IGA have to offer

Interior Grappling Academy is primarily a wrestling academy for all ages and all Styles. It focuses on the grow of the sort and the dedicated wrestler in the local area and wrestler all over the state. We are Nationally recognized for our elite Greco Roman program and Women's Freestyle program.  Coach Bockert sits on the US GRIT program for Greco Roman. 


Advance Wrestling  3-5pm: MON -THUR

NINJA's (5-8 yrs old) 5:30 -6:30 pm TUE & THURS  

GLADIATORs: (9-14 yrs old) MON, TUE and THURS 

MMA Class 7:30 -9pm  MON- FRI

IGA  has a National Training Program for its Greco Roman Wrestlers from U14 (11 years old) to our College AGE Athletes. We look for mature coachable kids ready to take this path Internationally. College AGE Athletes could be from a UAF student or working athlete not  doing college and going straight into their Trades. 


      Please see Calendar Tab above


This is a business built off a very tight wrestling community in Fairbanks, Alaska. We are primarily a wrestling for the the ages of 5 years old to High School age group. With your kids membership parent get to work out for free at anytime. We have been open for three years now and produced several State Champs and National All-Americans. We hope to get you added to the wrestling community

Contact  Us

Contact Us

Interior Grappling Academy

Phone: 803-873-8101

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3002 Industrial Ave